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Ice Cube Uses

It didn’t occur to me that ice cubes could be so useful outside of cooling down a warm drink.  I was surprised by what I learned from a Real Simple Magazine article. After all, how long is an ice cube good for?

Surprising Things You Can Do With Ice Cubes


  • Fat Eliminator – To skim fat from soup without refrigerating,  fill a ladle with ice and swipe over the soup’s surface. The grease will adhere to the bottom of the ladle and not your tush.
  • Plant Watering – Not patient enough to let potted plans drain in the sink? Fill the top with ice cubes. The gradual melting process will hydrate your plants.
  • Eyebrow Saver – Use ice to numb before you tweeze and use after to soothe.  (I’m sure you had this one down to a science)
  • Garbage Disposal Saver – Drop a few cubes into the garbage disposal with a dab of baking soda. The ice will sharpen the blades while the baking soda freshens the disposal.
  • Portable AC – On an especially hot day take a piece of ice and hold it on the underside of the your wrist.  As blood passes through that cool pulse point, your body temperature will gradually drop.

Do you have any bright ideas for ice cubes?  If so, let us know in the comment section.

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<Post Inspired by Real Simple Magazine 8/2011

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