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The Best of R&B In One Evening!

by | May 10, 2016 | Coffee Talk | 1 comment


There’s Nothing Like True Grown Folks Music – We Call It R&B

If I were having coffee with you right now, I would be marveling over the spectacular weekend I had. It’s my birthday week and I’m still thinking about how I jumped things off. What better way to begin the celebrations then with a concert for grown folks with a few good legends and great friends.  Ohhhh it was an R&B extravaganza. I love me some good old school music with a message. It’s the kind that grabs your heart strings; the kind that reaches way down in the depths of your soul and makes you reminiscence about days gone by.

R&B Legends Are Known For Deep Lyrical Messages  – ALWAYS!

Stephanie Mills talked about the importance of respecting the Power of Love. Jeffrey Osbourne reminded us that, “When We Party, We Party Hearty”. And YES, Howard Hewitt knelt down and sang the wedding song some were having sung at their weddings back in the 80s titled “For The Lover In You”. The trip down memory lane on Saturday night was every bit of nostalgic for me as I head a little further into my 50th decade of living. If exact biological science is your thing, then 54 is where I’ll land this week.

If that weren’t enough, Jeffery didn’t disappoint the audience as he finally disrobed his shirt and tie in typical Jeffery Osbourne fashion. We were all waiting. Even a gentleman behind me stated, “well, I was wondering when that suit was going to make its way off”.

YES! It was a night to behold.

Oh and there’s something about about selfie sticks and grown folks. They don’t really mix well but after several attempts. I finally got one we could use. SMILE!


R&B For Grown Folks


Then there was the tribute to Prince Nelson Rogers!

That’s the thing I love about R&B artists, when they pay homage to one of their own, they don’t leave anything to the imagination. Stephanie Mills and Pretty Ricky rocked out Purple Rain with the guitar theatrics and all. It was the most! Nothing musically was spared all the way down to Stephanie’s purple dress. Pure talent.

What better way to round out Monday after a foot stomping weekend then with a nice tall cup of coffee while chatting about good old fashion fun that creates simple happiness.

SO, how was your weekend? Was it as grand as mine?