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My BIRTHDAY Ranked Up In Epic Proportions!

by | May 13, 2016 | Coffee Talk, Life's Lessons | 17 comments

I can’t believe it’s already been another year of my living. Today is my birthday and I’m happy to have seen another 365 days. So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! I’m doing my very best to live each day as though it were my last and as my tag line infers, to live “Another Ordinary Day In a Not So Ordinary Life”. I don’t know how I came about that saying except that it fits me. When I think about it, ordinary is just boring!


A Chart Busting Birthday!

The day I was born, the #1 song was “Soldier Boy” sung by the Shirelles. Yes, another R&B hit. How ironic that my last post had to do with this Genre of music. It makes me proud that back in 1962, while blacks were struggling for respect and fighting for basic human rights, up and coming artists, for a moment, turned a blind eye to the turmoil. They did not allow such setbacks to hinder their vast musical talents.

Every day and especially today, I give thanks for those that paved the way and moved through the thicket so that I could live to see my 54th birthday. There are way too many to name from Harriet Tubman to the beloved Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. I Thank God for them all!

Believe it or not, The song Soldier Boy, while was not one of those old school songs that ranked up there for me like lyrics by the Temptations and Diana Ross and the Supremes, it does possess meaning that remind me of pieces of my life. My mother married a “Soldier Boy” who would go on to adopt me and raise me as his own. Because of him, I was able to see parts of the world that otherwise I would not have been privy to; was afforded the lifestyle of an officer and a gentle(man)’s daughter; and while there are experiences I could have lived without, I recognize that I’m still blessed.



“Soldier Boy” ~The Shirelles

Soldier Boy” is a song written by Luther Dixon and Florence Greenberg. The song was released as a single by The Shirelles in 1962 and met with great success, topping the USBillboard Hot 100. The song’s lyrics are a profession of the singer’s love for the titular soldier boy in which she promises to remain true to him while he’s away.
(Not to be confused with Crank That (Soulja Boy) ~Wikipedia


As I continue about my day, looking out at the vast Pacific ocean, I feel blessed for I have a husband and daughter that loves me unconditionally; I have my life; and I have all that I need. I can’t complain.

What was Your Number One song when you were born? (not sure? you can find out here.)


This has been a “Finish The Sentence Friday”. “The day I was born (re-born) was….” Hosted by (Kristi from and (Corinne Rodrigues of