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A blended family is defined as:

A family consisting of a couple and their children from this and all previous relationships. ~Merriam-Webster

Blended Families Defined

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A One Parent Adoptee’s Perspective of Blended Families

Blended families are way more complicated than defined. For instance, those of us meeting our biological parent(s) later in life, find ourselves adapting in several family situations all at once.

In my case, my mother’s new husband adopted me. BOOM, blended family. A few years later my brother was born which increased the blend. The missing link is that we grew up not knowing we were half siblings until later into our adulthood. Nonetheless, our bond is unbreakable.

When I met my biological father, I suddenly acquired another stepmother, 2 more half brothers and a half sister. One of my newly found half brothers and I bonded immediately.  Relationships with the other two siblings are a work in progress. We keep trying.

Through the years there have been  marriages, divorces,  remarriages and unfortunately a death. With these dynamics, my blended family status has increased and I have been  woven into more lives as a result of those unions.  In terms of interactions  between me and my new families, we do as much communicating as our comfort level allows.

Blended Families

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My blended family looks like this:

  • I have a living biological mother and father
  • One adoptive father
  • 4 stepmothers (2 current, 1 deceased and 1 divorcee)
  • 3 half brothers; 1 half sister; 1 step sister; and 1 step brother

What does your family blend look like?


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