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Armchair traveling is fun and frugal if you do it my way, right in the comforts of your home.

This week I’m traveling to Maine and what I’ve learned thus far is that wild blueberries grow naturally there spanning over 60,000 acres where they have adapted to the low acidity and fertility of the soil. The blueberry is Maine’s native berry.

According to the University of Maine:

The berries are grown on a two-year cycle — each year, half of a grower’s land is managed to encourage vegetative growth and the other half is prepared for a wild blueberry harvest in August.  ~University of Maine

We already know that blueberries have natural healing and nutrition properties and makes for a refreshing snack or meal substitute. The following recipe is compliments of the U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council your enjoyment and complete relaxation:

Berry Blue Smoothie
Via Women’s World Magazine 7/25/2011

2 cups fresh or slightly thawed frozen blueberries

1 cont (6 oz.) low-fat vanilla yogurt

1 cup fruit juice, such as orange, pineapple or apple

1 Tbs. honey or more to taste

In blender, puree blueberries, yogurt, juice and honey until smooth.  Serve immediately. Makes 3 cups; 2-3 servings.

On a role? Here is another idea for a good smoothie. Try this healthy rendition for an energy boost:

Planning a trip to Maine’s Mid-Coast? Here’s the lowdown:

  • Take along walking shoes and casual clothes
  • Items to purchase are blueberry preserves (of course) and lobsters packed to go.
  • Average income in the area is $39,953
  • Average home price is $242,950

For more information: Contact the Mid Coast Chamber of Commerce at 800-787-4284 or check out

Have you ever traveled to Maine? Is it a region of the country you would consider? Tell us your experience.


<Post inspired by Women’s World 7/25/2011

<Photo credit: Littleisland lighthouse, Bjørn Tennøe


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