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As I conclude this couponing series I want to leave you with a few important points to remember:

  1. Recycle – You will be collecting lots of paper so be kind to the environment. Contact your local county for recycling  information in your area.
  2. Mind your manners – Be nice to cashiers and don’t be too extreme.
  3. Get back to basics – Collect newspaper coupon inserts and file for later use.
  4. Don’t limit yourself – Get familiar with all coupon outlets.
  5. Be patient – Couponing takes time and attention to details.
  6. Don’t engage in endless coupon clipping – It is no longer necessary to clip every coupon every week. Coupon bloggers do a great job at matching up coupons with sale products.

As promised, I want to leave you with a couple of coupon bloggers I enjoy following:

Coupon, Deals and More
Witty, feisty and to the point blogger. Interjects personality while bringing on the deals in a direct and “real” fashion.

I Heart Publix & I Heart Kroger
This blogger concentrates on Publix and Kroger deals in separate blogs. You may see repeat deals on non-grocery store deals but worth following nonetheless.

Living Rich With Coupons
You will find the latest deals here also. The site is clean and is easy on the eyes.
I use this site to make my grocery and drugstore lists before heading to the stores each week.

These sites offer up sample shopping scenarios to maximize advertised sales; provide information on stockup opportunities; and provides a platform for increased education on the couponing process.

There are many more resources available and in time you will settle in with what works best for you. I hope that I have provided a foundation for you to build on and become excited about.  Now that you are more familiar with the process, don’t be surprised if you see a great deal posted on my site from time-to-time.

Finally, should you have a good shopping experience be sure to contact me or leave a comment so I can get the word out.