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Previously  I informed you that the most popular coupon resource available since the beginning of time is the newspaper insert.  You need to know that there are other coupon outlets that will be referenced and explained by couponing bloggers. They include catalinas, online coupons and cash register rewards.


Do not ask me why this type of coupon is called a Catalina. Simply, it is those coupons that spit out at the register when you check out. Your purchases will determine which catalina coupon you will get to be used on your next visit. Trust me, the coupon bloggers will let you know what you need to purchase to get those.  It is a good idea to file these in a caddy and refer back to it when making your shopping list. You will not always be informed when a catalina can be used so you will have to check to make sure you are not overlooking the opportunity to save with these.

Online Coupon Resources
These are coupons that you can print off the web and redeem at the store. I do not sign up to get emails from coupon outlets because the bloggers will tell you about deals that match up with them and provide a link to the coupon in which they are presenting on their blog post. If it happens to be an item you need, link to the coupon, print it, and make your purchase. Chances are it will be a great deal.

Cash Register Rewards
At one point, I never paid attention to cash register rewards but there is an art to the process. You find these deals most often at drugstore outlets. The good news is that bloggers will tell you exactly which items to buy in order to get a reward. These are the same as cash to be used on your next visit to that store. I have been known to make my purchase, get my reward, and purchase another item in a separate transaction in the same visit. This works too.

To give you an example of how register rewards work, last week I purchased contact lens solution at CVS. The cost was $7.99 and CVS was offering $7.99 in ExtraCare Reward bucks (referred to as ECBs). On my next visit, at the checkout, I will hand the cashier the ECB and $7.99 will be deducted from my total bill no questions asked and no exclusions.  Bloggers will give you sample purchases to help you get the best bang for your buck. A couple of things to note with register rewards:

  1. You want to try and make another purchase that awards ECBs so that you always have free money. This sometimes is referred as “rolling” rewards.
  2. Watch the expiration dates. Walgreens tends to have a quick turnaround.

Of course there are other coupon resources; however, the top four discussed thus far are:

  • Newspaper inserts
  • Catalinas
  • Online coupon resources
  • Cash Register Rewards

You are almost ready to start shopping smart (SSS).  I made that up.  🙂

I am ready to let you in on the method that works for me and is the inspiration of the the title of these posts, “Couponing in the Fast Lane”. Stay tuned.