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The hardest thing about the road not taken is that you never know where it might have led.
― Lisa Wingate

Crossroads and Children: Hard Decisions

Crossroads and Children: To Have or Not to Have

Prior to getting married my husband mentioned on many occasions that children were not in his forecast; however, once we strolled down the isle and said, “I do”,  he changed his mind. We waited four years into the marriage before we went for it. We made sure we were financially ready; had a house selected; and most importantly, we made sure we were emotionally ready. On a snowy day in January Rachel Alexandra Stanfield was born.

Crossroads and Children: Hard Decisions

Rachel Alexandra Stanfield at birth

Hard Decisions: What About Two?

Right after Rachel was born we started thinking about going for number two. Is there ever the perfect time? Our thought was that she would have a sibling and we could go for the boy and name him Reginald Stanfield II; hence, our contribution to carrying on the Stanfield name.

When would we begin? We figured 3 years would be perfect. 3 years came and we decided that the timing was bad financially. We decided to wait 2 additional years. 2 years came and we decided that our marriage could not withstand the pressure. 2 more years past and we couldn’t dream of starting over.

Fast forward 27 years and we still have an only child. There are times I wish we had decided differently and then I snap back and realize, we have exactly what we are supposed to have.

This is just one of many crossroads we have endured. Life is full of them and I’m patiently waiting on the next.

Do you recall coming to a crossroad?


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