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Delta Sigma Theta, Inc. Celebrates 102 Years


Women are going to form a chain, a greater sisterhood than the world has ever known. ― Nellie L. McClung


Delta Sigma Theta

A stone for the Eta Kappa chapter of Delta Sigma Theta on the campus of Spelman College


As this day comes to a close I must pay homage to Delta Sigma Theta, Inc. While admiring my shiny new African-American calendar, I noticed that it is filled with important dates. Notably dates concerning black history. I peeked into this week and found that the Deltas would be celebrating their founders day on January 13th.  SO, today is not all about Frantastically Fran and her shenanigans; instead, my tribute to the Deltas of the world.

I have always admired the sisterhood; the triangle; the song; the camaraderie; the handshake; the step; and ooooh that elephant. As with most things sacred and secret, it’s so fascinating but the curiosity of it all can be overwhelming. It is the Greek way and they live and stand by the teachings and bylaws that governs them each and every day.

I Was Supposed To Be A Delta

My grandmother was a Delta and just about every female on my father’s side of the family are Delta women. It was strongly encouraged that I attend Bennett College in North Carolina and join the long line of Deltas.

In fact, I phoned my dad this morning to get some insights about his take on the Greek legacy in the family. What I learned is that the guys were to be Omega Psi Phi men (woooof) and the girls were destined to Deltahood.  He also shared a bit of his story and it went something like this:

Chile, when I didn’t pledge Omega I was almost disowned and removed from the family. That’s just how serious it was. ~Dad

Of course, I didn’t end up becoming that Delta woman but my admiration for the organization is strong and respectful. Grandmother, I know you’re standing proud looking down upon your sisters from heaven all dressed in crimson and cream.

Dwelling On The Good

Delta Sigma Theta, Inc. does not escape the sometimes bad press and distasteful TV shows that surround Greek organizations but they keep it steppin and they certainly protect the honor of its members through service and the development of women.

A Little Delta History

The thing I did not know was that the three most recognized of black Greek sorority societies (Delta Sigma Theta,  Alpha Kappa AlphaZeta Phi Beta) were born on Howard University‘s campus and it appears that their founders day falls within the same week and month.

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority was founded on January 13, 1913, by 22 collegiate women at Howard University. These students wanted to use their collective strength to promote academic excellence and to provide assistance to persons in need. The first public act of Delta Sigma Theta was the Women’s Suffrage March in Washington D.C., March 3, 1913. Today, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority is the largest African-American Greek-lettered organization.[2]   ~Wikipedia

To the sisters of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc, congratulations as you celebrate 102 years!

Are you a Delta? If so, what will you be doing to celebrate during founders week?


photo credit: LevoisJ via photopin cc