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On My Way To The Fountain Of Youth

by | May 6, 2016 | Coffee Talk | 7 comments

In Search of the Fountain Of Youth


As legend has it, a long, long time ago and very far away, there lived a Spanish explorer named Juan Ponce de León. It’s said that in 1513 he set out to Florida where he believed he would find the fountain of youth. Unfortunately this is all a myth. 


Back to realty! Often times when I’m asked to reveal my age for one reason or another, I almost always am mistaken to be anywhere from 5 – 20 years younger than what I said. At times, depending on the setting, the conversation could go on for at least 5 minutes or so. Some will ask, “what do you use on your skin?” or  they may say, “girl, you have some good genes!” My husband on the other hand is of the opinion that a woman in midlife or older should not have jet black hair. In fact, if they wear wigs, then definitely they should invest in one with a spot of grey. He says It’s just not natural. BAH HUMBUG! Maybe one day I’ll be so inclined to see things his way but for now I’m going steer clear of every single strand of grey for as long as possible. I am making my way to the fountain of  youth.

I would like to believe that the theory of “good genes” is working in my favor. I think this notion of ageless started with my grandmother (pictured above with the grey locks). If I have managed to look younger than every bit of my 53 years, it’s not because I spend a lot time and money on potions, lotions and plastic surgeries; it’s not because I adhere to a particularly rigid diet; and most definitely not because I happened upon a spring called the fountain of youth. It’s partly because I was blessed with good genes.


My Youthful Attributes

I don’t really have advice for how to stay young or young-looking. When I think back on my past, I do have events in my life that may have contributed to reasons why I don’t have many skin issues or possibly why I didn’t get the usual post-menopausal weight gain.

In my 30s, for some reason, I became entrenched with selling Avon Products and eventually went on to work as a corporate employee. Throughout that decade I learned all about the importance of starting early in the prevention of aging. This would include how unhealthy it is not to cleanse and moisturize the face daily. I taught representatives to stress to customers that if you use anti-aging products before you start seeing signs of aging, you might be able to ward off those creepy lines a bit longer than average. Most importantly, it was stressed to use sunblock and Avon markets every one of these products. After being in the beauty grind, I realized that what some were paying into the hundreds for skincare products, Avon was selling for a fraction of the cost for the very same benefits with the same ingredients. I was a believer.

From the time I left high school to date, exercise has been an integral part of my life; my maintenance drug of sorts. I’m convinced that if I didn’t move, my joint pain would be worse and arthritis would definitely be more prominent. Arthritis is an ailment that inevitably will be passed on to me via my bloodline.

Now that I’ve reached the over 50 club, I’ve figured out a few tips for the lazy and the frugal.  By night, I simply cleanse with a Neutrogena cleansing wipe & moisturize with a mix of vitamin E, orange and  tea tree essential oils. Together, this cheap concoction keeps my skin from drying out over night and assists with warding off free radicals. For my daytime moisturizing, I head to TJ Maxx or Marshall’s beauty section and purchase wonderful, name brand anti-aging moisturizers for way less than department store prices. #winning


Black Really Don’t Crack

It use to feel weird making the blatant and possibly stereotypical statement, “black don’t crack”, especially in mixed company. But then the more I think about it, the more I realize that IT’S TRUE! The thing is though I have never done any research on why this might be the case. UNTIL!!!!! while scanning my Facebook wall, I ran across a cute little video that explains why I’ve had so many conversations about how my face is not the greatest indication of my age. The video goes on to say that black women tend to look 10 years younger then their white counter parts. I know sometimes as bloggers, we’re supposed to interject research on topics here and there and in this case, I trust the video. 

HOT DAMN! I think I’ve found the fountain of youth. It’s called Melanin!! According to studies, darker skin tones have a certain amount of UV protection built in. Of course sunblocks are still a must for the darker persuasion so act accordingly. Also, keep in mind that vitamin D is slightly more difficult to penetrate darker toned people so a supplement might be in order. There you have it, my educational research attempt for this month.


All That Glitters Ain’t Gold

As much as I hate to rain on my own parade, realistically, I am 53 which means that while I’m boasting and bragging about some of my youthful features, I have areas that truly reveal the aging process. I mean the list goes just on and on…

  • These old lady handsFountain of Youth
  • Evil menopause with hellish hot flashes
  • Cellulite that jiggles
  • Winged arms (melted triceps)
  • Slowed metabolism
  •  Joint aches
  • An adult child
  • Sleepless nights
  • Did I say an adult child?


My Best Foot Forward

While I’m waiting for the lines and wrinkles to set in, I’ll continue my gym routine in order to head off the weight gain; work on my eating habits; keep the stress and anxiety levels low; and attempt to stay young at heart.

Are you in search of the sought after fountain of youth?


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