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Frugal Living

When I began my blog it was all about being frugal. I thought I had a pretty good foundation and knew something about saving money, couponing and the latest deals. I quickly realized that the blogasphere was filled with wonderful, more dedicated frugal  living professionals so I stepped aside to focus on blogging on a different platform. Now let me digress a bit.

I never participated in extreme couponing. First off I didn’t  have the energy  and secondly I cringed when I use to see how folks were clearing off the store shelves leaving nothing for the person behind them. As the couponing craze has died down, I’m able to find and purchase sale items a little easier.

While I’m not extreme with frugality, I do engage in couponing. The downside of this craze has caused some grocery stores and manufacturers to take drastic measures. For instance, Krogers in my area has flat out stopped doubling coupons and several manufacturers has limited the amount of coupons to 4 that can used in a single visit. Thank goodness.

Frugal Living Though Simple Couponing

I never clip coupons ahead of my shopping trips. That’s way too time consuming. I typically save between $5-$20 per week with very little effort with these steps:

  1. I purchase four newspapers every week.
  2. File them by month in date order.
  3. Go to and click just items I need (this site publishes all sales weekly for most stores and provides which  insert and date the coupon resides in)
  4. Pull insert
  5. Find coupon, clip and GO

As for other shopping, I never purchase clothing unless it’s on the clearance rack with an extra percentage off. This is when the price is as close to cost as it gets. Ralph Lauren and all. Macy’s is my favorite department store and I never cross the threshold without a $20 off coupon or 20% discount coupon at minimum.

What is your best frugal tip?


photo credit: 401(K) 2013 via photopin cc