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If the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, you can bet the water bill is higher.
~ Debbie Macomber


 Green with Envy


Envy is such a harsh word but very realistic. Have you ever been so jealous it half kills you? OH STOP IT, you know you have. We’ve all experienced envy at some time or another. I have had green-with-envy moments in my lifetime. It’s human nature.

Sometimes Envy Overrules – Let It, Then Get Over It

I struggle with Alopecia and when I see glorious, beautiful crowns, I melt with envy then it passes over. The thing that I have trouble understanding is why do those with drop dead gorgeous hair feel a need for weaves and wigs? There’s someone out there who would fall on a sword for your glory so FLAUNT IT would you.

Okay, occasionally I admire homes, well mansions that I can only dream of living in. Yes, I do wonder what it would be like to have that big island in the kitchen; that wrap around staircase; the 3 car garage with 3 cars in it;  a swimming pool; and music piped throughout. Then I think about the real estate crash and thank my lucky stars everyday for my quaint 2-story 3BR gem.

Oh and that dream job!!! Why wasn’t it me that climbed the corporate ladder. I went back to school and earned my degree and I’m still in the same spot. What happened? Forget about the dream job, it should have been me that won that $100,000,000 in the lottery not that guy that quit his job, purchased a double-wide and moved to Alabama.  Finally, about the red carpet. What happened to me when they were passing out singing voices?

There’s Life After Envy

Every cloud has its silver lining. My good deeds Facebook update for today is: Talk about what you’re grateful for. Here’s my list:

  • Another day above ground
  • My family – far and near
  • My health
  • My job *chuckle*
  • My house *chuckle* again
  • Food on my table
  • The clothes on my back

I have absolutely nothing to be envious about. I have everything I need and there’s someone out there that would give the world to be in my shoes.

Has that green eyed lady appeared on your doorstep? If so, fight it and talk about what you’re grateful for. There’s plenty room below.

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