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The One Hair Question I Absolutely Hate!

by | Dec 4, 2015 | Alopecia Awareness, Coffee Talk | 0 comments

Is That Your Real Hair?

For reference sake, I like to call myself “The Alopecian”. In case that word alopecia stumps you, it just means hair loss. As you might imagine, through the years I have had to endure some uncomfortable situations from time-to-time. The worst though is how unconsciously insensitive folks can be. This leads me to the subject of this post,  the worst question ever that I have dealt with over the years…


Whelp, whether you know it or not, you’ve just successfully taken a pin and inserted into my bubble. Let’s put it this way, it depends on how you approached me. If you liked my hair style, then just say that but if you chose to be all ghetto and loud, please, the lack of tact and respect are clearly missing.

Understand That Sensitivities Are Important

What I mean by sensitivities is that there are a variety of reasons that a person may not be sporting their natural, God given mane. For instance, they may be suffering from a number of things such as:

  • Chemotherapy
  • Traction Alopecia (hair loss resulting in tight braiding, ponytails, or any style that pulls the hair unnaturally)
  • Autoimmune Inducing Alopecia
  • Male Pattern Baldness
  • Simply, A Bad Hair Day

These are just a couple items I can think of right quick but you get the drift. Think about it, those of us that walk around bald and choose to wear wigs or coverings, a lot of the time it is because something unfavorable happened. The image I chose for this blog post are my eyebrows. But then you didn’t ask me if those were made of real hair. Why? Because they look amazingly real. If you look real, real close or if you are an expert in permanent makeup, you’ll notice that they are an illusion, faux, or fake, or whatever word you want to use that makes you comfortable (note that I said “what makes YOU comfortable”). I made the choice not to walk around bald and in doing so, I make sure I do everything in my power for the bald me to go unnoticed. Some say, “oh, you have a perfectly shaped head, you should walk out there and do the damn thing”. Hold up, let me remind you, it’s all about comfort levels and where each of us are psychologically.

How You Can Help

Let me enlighten you with a little lesson in sensitivity. Prior to you asking, “Is That Your Real Hair?” all loud and stuff, take a few moments to assess the situation. Think about whom you’re dealing with and what you know about the person. If you suspect that there are sensitivities behind that mask, wig, covering or whatever, be gentle. Offer a compliment. In my case, if you go on about how beautiful my hair is or brows are, then I just may lean over and tell you just what you want to know. “Psst, girrrrl, this is not mine, I bought it and these brows are the magic of permanent makeup. My artist is the BombDotCom. You want her number?”. 🙂 What is that one question folks ask you that irritates the hell out of you? C’mon, you have one! This post was inspired by the Daily Post’s ” Plead the Fifth“.