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Gardening Is An Art Of Sorts


How Gardening Saved My Life

My Beautiful Day Lillies


Springtime always bring back memories. It must be something about the flowers, warm weather and the overall change of seasons. At the start of spring I am reminded of a place of happiness and where I felt the safest as a child. Fond memories of my grandmother; her front porch; clothes hanging on the line and blowing with the wind; vacation bible school; of course the flowers; and that rose bush at the corner of the lot on Adams Street.

It’s funny how later in life you find that those simple things of times past leaves such an impression. Scents and scenery plays a huge role in tapping into those sometimes lost memories.  A spring and summer doesn’t go by without a host of flower beds bursting with color on either side of my front door just like my grandmother’s house use to have. I don’t remember her growing a vegetable garden but I’m sure there probably was a point in her long life that she planted and tended to one.


How Gardening Saved My Life

New Beginnings – My Cucumbers In Progress

In the fall of 2008 I grew garden. There was a sunny spot on the side of my house where a pine tree was removed. That’s where I broke ground and began my gardening adventure. I was so passionate about my little wonder. I went all in. It became an obsession. I spent hours shoveling; bringing dirt in; taking dirt out; and purchasing seedlings. At the time I had no idea what I was doing. All I knew was things I liked to eat. I searched around the web and learned from places like Home Depot and Lowes.  The money spent getting that tiny space ready was was larger than I care to let on but well worth it. On the contrary, I had the flowers down to a science. One day it dawned on me,  why??? Just why am I doing this?

Gardening Saved My Life

The truth is that at the time I started my garden is the exact time that my world was turned upside down. For 46 years I was the subject of a deep rooted family secret. The kind where everyone had knowledge about me except me.  My mere existence was entangled within that “Family Secret“. When it manifested itself, the course of my life and lives of those around me changed seemingly forever. In the blink of an eye one day as I was headed toward my fifties I met my biological father and gained 3 more siblings.  I had another entire family that loved me from a distance because of one secret.

Between my husband; my psychologist; and my garden, I was able to maintain my sanity. Together, they assisted me in minimizing the traumatizing pain I felt.

How Gardening Quickly Saved My Life

My Beautiful Bell Peppers

My vegetable garden lasted for about three years. During that time I put out cucumbers, tomatoes and green peppers in the spring and summer; collards, broccoli and cabbage in the winter. I spent hours and hours every Sunday afternoon digging and watching the fruits of my labor grow. It all was so tasty. It was the season that I needed that garden to occupy my mind and keep me sane. It saved my life.

Today, while my vegetable garden no longer exists,  I still grow beautiful flowers every summer as shown in the above image. Blooming beauties are my first love and will remain a fixture at my home.

Gardens Are Constant Reminders

Until I united with a wonderful group, The Black Boomer Bloggers, it never dawned on me that there were memorial gardens. I’m not talking cemeteries, I’m talking about a real garden that feed people and keep legacies going. I’m talking about gardens like The Charles Madison Nabrit Memorial Garden. My friend and fellow boomer blogger Paula Penn-Narbit lost her husband in 2013 and the garden is a memorial to his memory. It’s fascinating how gardens change lives. Following is her testimony:

I was married for 36 years, 8 months and 22 days to Charles Madison Nabrit, “CMadison”. The man was a force of nature! Sadly, despite a heavily organic diet and weekly sessions with a personal trainer CMadison died May 20, 2013 from diabetic complications. May 20, 2014 was the 1st anniversary of his death. Yes, we were still very sad and a piece of our hearts indeed went with him, but his sons and I wanted to commemorate his remarkable life and the lessons we learned rather than dwell on our loss.  After a great deal of thought and prayerful consideration we decided to create The Charles Madison Nabrit Memorial Garden, a sustainable, life affirming environment as the perfect, living example of his commitment to holistic (spiritual, intellectual and physical) health and well-being. ~Paula Penn-Narbit



There is Beauty In the Garden

Admittedly, I am partial to flower gardens. They bring the butterflies and are just so mesmerizing. Most importantly, they are a constant reminder of the good things in my life. To meet someone that is passionate enough to write about this unmistakable beauty is pretty amazing. Another of my fellow boomer bloggers, Teresa Speight, travels and writes about this natural beauty that has been bestowed upon us. I’ve always admired those that have a knack for crafting and with that also comes gardening. You can find her at the Cottage in the Court.


If you had a time machine and could go back to any place, at any time in your life, where would it be? Did you ever return to that place as an adult? If so, was the magic still there and were there flowers in bloom at that happy place?