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The problem with people who have no vices is that generally you can be pretty sure they’re going to have some pretty annoying virtues. ~ Elizabeth Taylor


Indulgence or Guilty Pleasure?

In this AtoZ Challenge I finally got stumped on what to write about so I took to Facebook. I received terms such as Idiot, iPhone, illegal, intelligence and a few others and thanks to my dear friend Maria,  I’ve chosen the best “I” word EEEVER, “Indulgence”.

As soon as I started putting some thought to it, the other terms that came to mind were guilty pleasures. SOLD! If you’re my Facebook friend, then you know that I watch a lot of TV. On a TV night, I might get in at least 4-5 hours tween dinner and bedtime. Don’t judge me till after you have gotten your tail out of bed every weekday morning at 5a.m. headed to the gym; worked all day; came home and fried up the bacon (well, boiled the hotdog);  and struggled writing a blog.

Getting on to my indulgences that I deserve. I know at least one of my personal guilty pleasures will resonate with you. As soon as you friend me on Facebook we can clog up many walls together discussing and re-quoting bombshell TV lines we love so much. If you love shoes, I’ll let you know where you can secure the best darn shoes for the best prices.

A Little TV Indulgence

If you watch any of the following, raise your hands up high!

Scandal – I just can’t get with Olivia’s affair with the president but I keep watching. I Love Mama Pope’s swagger. One thing though, I really would like Shonda to get back to the gladiators we know and love that talk real fast and help folks get away with murder and other illegal stuff. There’s another “I” word.

Greys Anatomy – Folks leaving folks at the alter, plane crashes, and nuances of gay relationships heightens my moscato buzz and increases my Facebook engagement.

Family Feud – That Steve Harvey is something else. I laugh for the complete 30 minutes the show is on. You see folks from all walks of life on that show. That is all.

The Haves and Have Nots – I don’t do too much Tyler Perry but this quasi soap opera somehow kept me coming back. I’m not really sure why except, well, it’s a guilty pleasure. AND, it has all of the classic messiness equipped with a whore; cheating husband; the psycho daughter; the mixed up gay son with the mom that’s in denial and his understanding dad; a devious maid; and the good mother. OMG, how can you possibly miss another episode. It has everything that we seek to indulge in about a guilty pleasure.

The Shoe Fetish

I’ve saved the best for last. Getting right to it, I love to shop for clothes BUT the shoes. They take the cake. The only caveat is that they have to be on sale, great quality and look good. All different heel sizes even stilettos. Thanks to the Container Store, I have just the right shoe racks that I can build upon to the tune of 6 feet tall. The answer is yes, that’s my shoe rack below minus a couple racks that’s not quite as high.

Indulgence or Guilty Pleasure?

 What’s your guilty pleasure?


photo credit: Pleasures:  hellothomas via photopin cc




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