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Simply About Me

Alopecia-Emerging From Behind the Mask

Introductions Needed

Let me re-introduce myself because it’s all about me.  My name is Frances but I really like the sound of Frantastically Fran. Further, right after the New Year I was encouraged to brand myself with a hashtag so when you see #TheAlopecian, you’ll know it’s me.  Look out for it. Those not familiar, Alopecia simply means hair loss.

I live in the Atlanta Metropolitan area. In a nutshell I am a graduate of Shorter University; currently employed by Emory University; married for over 3 decades; and have one fantastic daughter. I like to think of myself as one of the many Georgia Peaches gracing HotLanta.

I’m Absolutely Not A Writer

Who am I and what makes me think I have something worthy of reading? When I started this blog It wasn’t about trying to get thousands of readers or even one. It was about journaling my walk through an ordinary day in a not so ordinary life. The situation is that I’m not the journalistic type at all. My passion is not writing so sitting down with pen and paper and writing in a diary is not of interest to me.

About Me

Naked Me

Instead I figured out that I have a unique presence in this world and it’s a hell of a lot more fun writing on this blogging platform then thinking about unlocking a secret book and writing in it all by my lonesome. Had I done that, you would not get to hear about the shenanigans that might help you cope with something; or to understand how to live through the difficult realities of The Alopecian.

What I’m Talking About

Today’s trending topics of conversation are different then they were years ago. Hair stuff is hugely popular and I am noticing that the lack of it is becoming even more the “thing”. Aging has taken a place in the mainstream because we are living longer and loving life more. Being 50 and aging awesomely is the hot sweats and all. I’ve even joined a Facebook group just for African-American Blogging Baby Boomer Women (we call ourselves B3). Then there’s family. Every single one of us has skeletons; challenges; and of course good and bad times. You can’t have one without the other.

Now that you know about me a bit better and have seen me from behind my mask,  heck, it won’t be too difficult to speak on sensitive topics and things I’m passionate about. After all, more than any psych doc, sharing is the best dose of medicine. Just when you think you’re the only one going through, there’s always someone else experiencing the same damn thing.

You are special just as you are, so what is it about you we need to know?