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Always be smarter than the people who hire you.
~Lena Horne

Job Requirements: Simply Stated

Job Requirements: Simply Stated

Securing a job today is not like it was in the 90s when Bill Clinton was president and it was an employee’s market.¬† In today’s economy it’s imperative that your skills are honed and in some cases you have¬† a degree or two or three under your belt . Besides excellent networking, here are 20 common sense tips I found that will help you along the way. Without certain qualities built into your personality, success will be an uphill battle.

There is a lesson in Lena Horne’s quote. Being smarter in your job then the people that hired you will definitely make it difficult for you to be replaced. To keep the job you secured, always be willing to learn those things that no one else was interested in. *wink wink*

photo credit: dno1967b via photopin cc