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A Golden Amulet (so-to-speak)

A Golden Amulet (so-to-speak)


Life Is Full of Soggy Bags and Golden Amulets

I needed some inspiration to get this blog post underway so I let a Twitter bot randomly generate a few words to get me moving. At first look, I thought, “what in the world am I going to do with these words?” Below is the list that I was graced with. I thought about it and then I took pen-to-paper. You should try this sometime.

Soggy Bags

A closet full of soggy bags each with it’s own fillings. It’s all relative to whatever age or situation you find yourself. Me? The 50 something category graces a bag of it’s own called aging.

Let’s see. Menopause. Why mother nature would you have me suffer with sweating episodes so hot in the depths of my body burning from the inside out, I have no idea. No rhyme or reason for showing up at the most inopportune times.

and there’s the time when…..

The doctor solved the problem of my bone spur but then a year later, I can’t bend my toe without pain. So Doc what’s up with that? I learned that day that arthritis can’t be cured. What about my left kneecap? Lunges are not the same. To that boot camp instructor, “chile, I’ll do what I can”.

As I’m working my way through my 50’s I just realized that somewhere in my 52nd year I celebrate the anniversary of when my life fell apart at age 12. The age which I began to lose my hair. It’s been 40 years that I’ve lived in the world being “different”. Hiding behind a mask hasn’t been easy so better late than never that I must embrace the slogan “Feel Free to Be Me”. We have a bracelet now and I shall get me one or two. Won’t you support the Alopecia Foundation?

Death is another matter and one in which I’ve not accepted. The thought runs through my head nightly. How will I go? Will I live to be old and feeble until my mind goes? Who will care after me? Then I fall off to sleep (sometimes).

Stepping into my workplace is another thing. I’ve hung around for 11 years so it couldn’t be all bad. I haven’t risen to the top of that hierarchical pinnacle but then there might be an upside to that. A golden amulet shall I say.

Say what? A $138 for one headlamp bulb replacement. Cars are a good and essential thing but can fall into that soggy bag at times.

I could go on and on about soggy bags. We all could and sometimes it’s healthy to get it out and move on.

Then there are the….

Golden Amulets


Remnants of my 1990 Car Accident

I had no idea what an amulet was. I figured it couldn’t be all bad. Afterall, anything “Golden” is definitely a great thing. I mean Jill Scott sings a song called, “Live Life Like It’s Golden”. I’m trying to do just that in “an ordinary day in a not so ordinary life”.

I thought I wanted a great “career” with loads of responsibilities and be all important. I find though that all that “Gold” is not necessarily glitter so where I find myself is where I’m supposed to be. In other words, I’m thankful for being one of those subordinates that do not have the world on their shoulders. That would be stressful. That would be tarnished silver not a golden nugget.

Having Alopecia didn’t kill me; it made me stronger. I’m thankful that my mind over matter kicked in. Like the saying goes, “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”. A golden amulet.

Finally, speaking of cars, I look back to 1990 and my horrific car accident and realize that I have my life to be thankful for. It just wasn’t my time to leave this earth and more than anything, all of the golden amulets or soggy bags really are meaningless if you’re not around to experience any of it.

What are you grateful for in this life?

Post Inspired by:  The Bradbury Noun List Twist Writing Challenge.


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