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The last generations’s worst fears become the next one’s B-grade entertainment.
~Barbara Kingsolver


  LOL: Merely A Generational Thing

Analyzing the LOL Word

That word LOL! When it started to gain momentum, I swear I was left behind in the dust. By the time I figured out what it meant, we were onto LMAO and if you “really” need to get your point across, you should use LMFAO or ROFLMAO. Trust me, I’m very careful not to miss use these terms.  Just yesterday in a conversation with my stepbrother he stated that a guy writing LOL in a text or anywhere is absolutely forbidden. I had no idea. He said something about it’s a girl thing and guys just cannot be caught indulging unless of course, it has a nasty pants connotation.

I suffice it to say that LOL is most definitely a generational thing as depicted in this cute little video. It won’t have you LOLing but will give you a slight chuckle or two and some fruit for thought. Enjoy!


The take away: Using the LOL acronym is about more than laughing out loud, it’s also about generational differences.

What are you LOLing about?

photo credit: callme_crochet via photopin cc



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