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An Ordinary Day in a Not So Ordinary Life!

Hello and Welcome! My name is Frances Stanfield and I live in the Atlanta Metropolitan area .  In a nutshell I am a graduate of Shorter University, currently employed with Emory University, married 29 years at the time of this post and have one fantastic daughter.  I like to think of myself as one of the many Georgia Peaches gracing HotLanta.

When I first started this blog last year, I thought that I wanted to talk about all things frugal but quickly realized that always finding the best deal was only just one small part of who I “really” am. I suddenly turned 50 and realized that I have many things to talk about that might help someone. Each and every one of us are unique in our own skin and just as I have learned from others, I hope to impress upon you parts of my life that will be teachable moments for you.


My plan for this blog is merely to be a tool for me to organize my thoughts about my life to include how I have overcome the agony of hair loss (alopecia areata); survival as a teen runaway; nurturing a marriage for nearly 30 years; raising a daughter; finally meeting my biological father at age 46; and of course my ride as I journey through the aging process. Weaved in will be things I’ve learned through my journeys that may inspire Ah Ha moments for you. Some new nuggets and some not so new.

Fair warning, organization is not my best quality so bare with me if I digress at times.  So that I’m off to a good RE-start, I have created categories in which the majority of my conversations will fall:

Menopause Minute
Simply anything associated with the aging process. I know this sounds a bit sexist but to the men, please visit. You might learn something and there may be something  that might help you through a rough patch with your best half. 🙂
Alopecia Awareness 
Updates, experiences and tips having to do with hair loss and all of it’s baggage.
Coffee Talk 
Anything off the beaten path that’s on my mind (just cuz).
Family Ties
All things family and some intricate dysfunctional details.
Frantastically Frugal
Anything related to personal finance.


This blog and my life are  constant works in progress. But then, that’s why I’m so Frantastically Fran!!!


Follow me as I enter “Another Ordinary Day in a Not so Ordinary Life”.


Disclaimer: All opinions that I may voice are my own unless otherwise stated or quoted.



  • My beloved family for they are my strength. Thank you Reginald and Rachel.
  • Deesha Philyaw – She is my coach, a mama, writing professor, and freelance writer; co-author of Co-Parenting 101: Helping Your Children Thrive After Divorce. Find her at 
  • Bernadette Adams Davis, my cousin who pushes me to write my story and keep it moving. Emory University Graduate,  Communications professional, moderator of Black Lit Chat (spotlighting great authors); and  Blogger. Join the chat on Twitter using #blacklitchat
  • Michele Ruiz – President and Chief Strategist at Ruiz Strategies. Her motto is: Empowering Entrepreneurs to Empower Themselves! She spoke to me during her presentation when she said: “When you write a blog post so personal that it’s hard to push the publish button is when you know you have compelling content that will resonate with people.” Find her at
  • Blogalicious for making the social media and blogging experience just a little bit easier wrapped up in a fun-filled weekend.
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