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My Unique Memoir With The Perfect Name

by | Apr 18, 2016 | Coffee Talk | 7 comments


What Shall This Memoir Be Named? – #MondayMusings

It’s been 31/2 years since I reintroduced myself as “Frantastically Fran”. The other day I was spending some time in the blogosphere reading material of others and it seems that I kept running into titles like “3 Reasons I Stopped Writing”  and “Your Story. Do you find it difficult to tell?” In that moment, I indulged in somewhat of a pity party with self talk like, “if only I had great writing skills, I could create more meaningful content in a lot less time”. For a split second I thought about calling it quits but remembered that I’m not necessarily here to win a Pulitzer Prize; instead, for merely self satisfaction. During my woe is me time, I wasn’t idle. I have been under the hood tinkering with the look and feel of this site creating perfection. So! The memoir continues.

In the time that I’ve been present on the web, I realized that while repeat visitors here know a little “about me” and my journey, I’ve not shared the inspiration from which the name “Frantastically Fran” originated. Also, you probably don’t know why that line “An Ordinary Day In A Not So Ordinary Life” keeps showing up?

Simply, (Fran)tastically boasts how awesome and just so fantastic I am with a spin on my name which happens to be Frances. My tag line simply says that my days are and have always been pretty ordinary but my life over all has not gone without it’s difficult challenges that I feel are noteworthy.

My Memoir

This blog and my life are constant works in progress. But then, that’s why I’m so Frantastically Fran!!!


Follow me as I enter “Another Ordinary Day in a Not so Ordinary Life”.


Frantastically Fran!


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