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“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door”
  ~Milton Berle



Opportunties Least Expected


When I look back on my life, all things considered, I’ve had wonderful opportunities. I’m not sure that I have always built a door like Milton Berle stated above but I have managed to be fortunate enough to receive my share of blessings. As a child, my family lived in Germany. While there, I longed to be back home in the united states in my safe haven with my grandmother but I am thankful now for the cultural lessons I gained that many never experience. Oddly enough my opportunities have come to fruition partly as a result of jobs I have had. Jobs that were also opportunities I never dreamed I would have.


Opportunities Least Expected


Aside from living in Germany for four years, I stumbled upon a position with Avon Products. I was so awesome as a sales manager that they sent my husband I off to Australia way down under for about a week. We experienced Kangaroos; the Opera house; and I touched a Koala bear. Some would call this a bucket list item.


Opportunities Least Expected

Reginald and Me

Next up Hawaii. Definitely a place I never thought I would get to but my husband’s job awarded him with another bucket list type sensation in early 2000.


Opportunities Least Expected


In 2011 my name surfaced to host Emory alumni in Italy. Tuscany to be exact where I saw the Statue of David up close and personal; ate gelato; and almost killed myself eating bread soaked in olive oil.


Opportunities Least Expected


Of all of the travel opportunities I’ve received, I have to say visiting the tropics and basking in the sun and beach is by far my most favorite.

In June I’ll be off to France on a Flavors of Provence tour. Watch out world because I’ll be taking cooking lessons with another group of Emory Alumni. Maybe I’ll have a different perspective about cooking but I won’t make any promises. Cooking is just not my thing but I’m open to the possibilities of learning a few new dishes to try at home.

I am so thankful for these unexpected opportunities and I don’t for one minute take them for granted.

Has opportunity knocked at your door lately?


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