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The Most Frightening Election Year Ever

by | Apr 8, 2016 | Coffee Talk | 0 comments

This Election Year Is Like None Other

I thought I would never write anything on politics. It’s not a subject that I’m all that versed in nor is it a subject that I particularly like to discuss it. It tends to breed hard feelings. It ranks way up there with discussions on religion. Check out my post  “Heaven, Hell & Hot Flashes? What’s Your Religion?” 

The election is upon us controversy is mounting, The focus is on what looks like are the final three candidates.


Donald Trump

With the election looming and with all that I have seen and heard, I am not a proponent of Donald Trump. He has managed, in my opinion, to open the door for discrimination and segregation to walk right in. It is almost like he has given the green light for the racist population to be just that, racist.

It seems that somehow we’re going back in time taking 10 steps back after the civil rights movement has made strides toward social justice. Let us not talk about walling up to keep Mexicans out. What a  ludicrous notion. No further comment. And for heaven’s sake, punish women who have abortions? Let’s not go there!

Bernie Sanders

The thing about Bernie Sanders, without knowing much about politics, is that he appears to be offering us the world. Free education for all; free medicare for all ages; $15 minimum wage; and paid family leave for up to three months. As we saw with the Obama administration, the Affordable Care Act barely made it through. You can see why I’m skeptical.

Hillary Clinton

If Hillary were to win the election, she would make history. Another first.

Her vast knowledge in foreign affairs; her reign as senator; and her stint as first lady to my favorite president prior to President Obama says a lot. Hillary’s campaign is walking the line of conservative and liberal at the same time. That can work (I think).


What I Seek From Our Leader After The Election

  • Is to be able to live out my adulthood without pouring all my hard earned, middle class money back into the government while the rich is getting richer.
  • A choice for all women to make decisions about their bodies without political noise.
  • For the Affordable Care Act to stay enforced. President Clinton brought us the Family Leave Act and we appreciate it still in present day.
  • To make certain that civil rights stay a priority. I’m black and will be so till the day I die. I would rather not be judged by my paper sack brown skin.


Notice I haven’t spoken on any other candidates. That’s mostly because I don’t know enough about them. I will tell you that Ben Carson has been the biggest disappointment. The wonderful mark he’s made in Pediatric Neurosurgery after overcoming a challenging path has been overshadowed by the preposterous campaign he ran. He came out of the pocket trying to win over voters by speaking on topics that he knew would appeal to the same audience that Donald Trump does. EXCEPT, he never was consistent with the message and didn’t choose his words properly. Also, how do you win over a Donald Trump crowd when you’re black???

That is all folks!

Do you dig the political scene?

This post was inspired by The Daily Post topic “Dear Leader“.

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