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Menopause Minute

Welcome to Menopause Minute where I’ll find it quite fitting to vent about the aging process and all of it’s little ups and downs and crazy turnarounds.

I turned 50 last year. I feel I’ve done a fine job of celebrating; however, I didn’t do so good coping with the consequences of aging.


  • FIRST, My decision to give up birth control pills cold turkey last year resulted in consequences that sent me to a place equivalent to hell where there are burning infernos and evil spirits (menopause).  After giving up the pill, I was tested to confirm where I was in the change-of-life process and it read, “sweetie, the baby making factory is completely, unequivocally CLOSED.” Wow! While I was relieved that I never had to worry about birth control again, the feeling of a new phase of womanhood was sort of bitter sweet. That feeling of, “I’m getting old”.
  • NEXT, one of the fringe benefits of the BIG birthday was having a colonoscopy. OMG, drinking that hideous concoction that cleans the colon and starving myself was torturous. I’m in awe that some smart researcher hasn’t come up with a better way to prep.
  • AND It took 2 eye doctors and 6 followup visits to finally get my contact lens just right. You would think I have 20/20 vision now but I don’t. There’s still a blur in the very near distance. Reading glasses over contacts it is.
  • LASTLY, my hearing is not what it use to be. I started that journey down hill about 15 years ago. Technology is such today that I wear hearing aids and you didn’t even know it.


It’s been almost a year since my 50th birthday and now that I am over those initial little idiosyncrasies of an aging body, I’m embracing my mature status in the world. It’s really true what they say, shit does roll right off the shoulders in that what use to be stressful years prior, becomes an afterthought at 50. WATCH OUT WORLD!!! As I continue to reflect, I have a new attitude about life; about being a black woman in America; about coming of age; and about who I am. While I have experienced a few hiccups since my birthday, I’m still so inspired by what is happening around me in this moment of my existence.


I picked the best time to turn 50. For starters, Michelle Obama rocked the Democratic national convention and is the most fabulous First Lady EVER and Gabby Douglas made history as the first African-American woman to win the all around gold in gymnastics. What about President Barack Obama, a black man, winning the presidential election twice to become the 44th president of the United States of America. WOW! They have inspired me and have given me a basis for great stories to pass along to my next generation. I am blessed!

Finally, turning 50 is AWESOME. When you get to this point, hind site as a brand new meaning. Things become clear and the wisdom that was asleep awakens.You find yourself saying, been there done that and I see you walking toward me through the briar patch I’ve already endured. Everything in life falls in place like the perfect storm. You can’t predict the aging process, you just have to embrace it for it is timely.


  • I can wear cute short sleeved tops without sweaters in the office now because I’m naturally hot even when igloos exists in the summertime. It’s called menopause.
  • I  have new found swagger.
  • I comprehend the digital age. I’m on Twitter, Facebook and I blog with WordPress. I even have an iPad and know exactly how to use it.
  • Most importantly, I have lived to be a half a century old and alive to tell you all about it.

As for my bucket list. I might get a tattoo; I will invest in a slew of stilettos until my knees get too wobbly; and I will continue to let unnecessary crap roll right off my shoulders.

It’s another day in a not so ordinary life!

Your turn! What does turning 50 mean to you? What are your words of wisdom?

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