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Some beautiful paths can’t be discovered without getting lost. ~Erol Ozan


Voyages and Life Are Synonomous


What Does Voyages and Life Have In Common?

Voyage and life are synonymous. I use to joke about tough times by saying, “Honey, that was not a vacation, it was a freakin voyage”. The quote above is really stating that you will not see the light until you’ve made it through the thicket or briar patch or whichever brings it home for you. I’m so glad I didn’t get lost in vices that are terribly hard to recover from during my journey. I can tell you though, that looking back, being one step away from homelessness; only able to afford one meal a day; living with kryptonite and my Achilles heel called alopecia; and quitting one job before I had another were all my personal voyages.

Have you Experienced A Real Voyage?

You see, a voyage is something like rough waters in the middle of an ocean where land is nowhere on the horizon. When you’re out there, you can’t think of anything but the present moment and surviving long enough to get to the next moment. I sometimes wonder what in the heck was I thinking when I left home with only about $200 to my name and a plane ticket. I got through that. I quit that job at the bank with rent to pay. I got through that.

Just when I thought I had seen the light of day and life was on a down hill swing, a new voyage called menopause crept in and took over. They say it’s never ending. Some how I thought hot flashes only hung on for a time but now I’m hearing that’s a myth. I haven’t gotten through that yet. That journey is far from over and I’m open to suggestions.

Your Career Is A Voyage

As I approach 11 years on the job, I finally get to experience a promotion. I won’t elaborate on that too much accept to say that it was a long time coming and a voyage getting there. As exhausted as I am upon reaching this pinnacle, I’m thankful for and open the door to this opportunity.

Marriage Is A Voyage Like None Other

Finally, if you make it to your 30th wedding anniversary, you’ll understand all the intricate and delicate details of that journey. All that I can say is you don’t stay married that long without considering divorce; experiencing grief, heartache, tears, joy, pain and you name it. The funny thing is though, if you think about it, would it be worth it if you didn’t have some briar patches to endure along the way. After all, isn’t that what makes you stronger and invincible? Isn’t that what a real voyage is all about.

Are you on a trip, vacation, journey or a freakin voyage?

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